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Film and TV

1 | Time Travel

The model of a conceptual castle in various stages of construction for the WDR [German Broadcasting] children's program "Traveling through time with Wulf and Shary".

Directors: K. Kramer and J. Siegler
Producer: Telekult, 2004

2 | Aeon Flux

Design and construction of the inside of a space ship (as part of a team) for the movie "Aeon Flux".

Director: K. Kusuma
Producer: Paramount Pictures, 2005

3 | V for Vendetta

Replicas (impressionistic) of film sets in classical modern style (Monet, Picasso) and the realization of a fountain (as part of a team by Niels Müller).

Director: J. McTeigue
Producer: Silver Pictures, 2005

4 | Speed Racer

Realization of the Mach 6 racer (as part of a team) for the movie "Speed Racer".

Directors: A. and L. Wachowski
Producer: Warner Bros. Pictures, 2008

5 | Pandorum

Works on the set.

Director: Christian Alvart
Producer: Constantin Film, 2008

6 | Undercover Love

Team work: Making of a futuristic aeroplane.

Director: Franziska Meyer Price
Producer: Polyphon Film und Fernsehen, 2009

7 | Hanna

Team work: Snow roof and a large wolf's head in the closed down theme park Plänterwald in Berlin.

Director: Joe Wright
Producer: Marty Adelstein, 2010

8 | Chicken with Plums

Team work: Making of a model for the ruin animation.

Director: Marjane Satrapi
Producer: TheManipulators, 2010

9 | The Three Musketeers

Set 1 - The cardinal's ship

Set 2 - Buckingham's ship

Set 3 - Notre Dame

Set 4 - Venice

Supervisor graphic services.

Director: Paul W. S. Anderson
Producer: Constantin Film, 2010

10 | Hansel & Gretel

Model maker and sculptor.

Director: Tommy Wirkola
Producer: Paramount Pictures, 2011

11 | Cloud Atlas

Set 1 - Vehicle

Set 2 - Skiff

Set 3 - Maori


Directors: Tom Tykwer, Andrew und Lana Wachowski
Producers: Tom Tykwer, Andrew und Lana Wachowski, 2012

12 | La belle et la bÍte

Head of department / sculptor.

Director: Christophe Gans
Producer: Pathť, 2013

14 | Monuments Men


Director: George Clooney
Producer: Columbia Pictures, 2013

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Photo: Katja Fischer