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Drawings and Pictures

1 | Berlin Pictures

Tempelhof Airport, 2010-2012,
3 Screen prints according to drawing,
Three colours, Print run: 30

Graphic, sketched outlines of historically important buildings and groups of buildings: The last hundred years have left architectural traces in the history of Berlin, which are a fixed part of the cityscape. Their occupants, however, are hardly aware of them as a development.
Once discovered however, one is in a state of simultaneous attraction and repulsion: attracted by the history of the somewhat monumental architecture which can be found in earlier epochs in other European cities, repulsed by the knowledge about their original builders and their mentality. Although they now have a different function, a sense of ambivalent fascination still clings to these buildings.

2 | Fictional house

Fictional house, 2010,
Screen print according to drawing,
Height: 88cm, Width: 47,5cm,
five colours, Print run: 30

3 | Landscapes

Everest and Nuptse, 2012,
Screen print according to drawing.
Height: 18cm, Width: 100cm,
two colours, Print run: 24

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