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Open Space

1 | Homage to F. G. Lorca (Tenerife)

A basalt stele for the Los
Cardones sculpture park on Tenerife (Spain) carried out with the support of a grant from the G. Huber foundation. Background: Tenerife was the starting point for the Franco putsch. At the beginning of the Spanish Civil War, the writer F. G. Lorca fell victim to Franco's reign of terror. The moment of the destruction of a body not only symbolises Lorca's death, but also the collapse of Spanish society at that time - with devastating results. The stele makes a statement against forgetting.

2 | Foundling

Basalt memorial in Palm-Mar on Tenerife in Spain, to the founder of the resort.

3 | Horse

Creation of one of two horses cast in bronze for the Schlossplatz in Berlin-Köpenick. The work was carried out in the studio of Joost van der Velden for the artist group "Ines-Idee".

4 | Mammoth

"Woolly mammoth" specially made for the Geopark Eiszeit (Ice Age) / Oderland (in U. Linke's team).

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Photo: U. Linke

Photo: U. Linke

Photo: U. Linke